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Latin America
Chinese Cultural How-to'sCulture How-to's   -- Demonstrations about Chinese culture featuring high school students from the Huarong County Middle School in Huarong, Hunan Province; with audio and video. (Gr. 4-10)
Children of the Amazon -- A field trip via slides, poetry and fact pages to a rain forest village, hosted by children who live there. Children of East AfricaChildren of East Africa -- Visit a village in Kenya through poetry and photos, hosted by children who live there.

Tour of an Arctic TownTour of an Arctic Town-- Tour a town in the Canadian Arctic, hosted by children who live there.

Ancient Chinese Poetry BookAncient Chinese Poetry Book -- Seventh Grade students from Dali #1 Middle School in Yunnan Province, China, illustrate and share ancient poems by Chinese master poets. (Gr. 4-10) Tour of Tomas de Berlanga, Galapagos IslandsField Trip to the Escuela Tomas de Berlanga -- A school tour on Santa Cruz Island, featuring Tomas de Berlanga students. Tour of Kalahari Desert SchoolField Trip to the Mokaleng Combined School -- A tour of the school and the Kalahari Desert that surrounds it, hosted by students and featuring audio links in six different languages spoken at the school.
Inuit GamesInuit Games -- Learn how to play Inuit games, from children who play them.
Calligraphy LessonChinese Calligraphy - Elementary -- A boy from Shanghai invites you to his calligraphy lesson. (Gr. K-6) The Amazon River Elementary School Web Site -- The first Amazon rain forest elementary school Web site on the Internet, featuring students from grades 1-6 exploring the themes of festival, games, family, plants, animals and culture.  
Chinese LanguageChinese Language -- A girl from Shanghai teaches Chinese greetings and tones, recites some poems and sings a song, with audio. (Gr. K-6) 
Chinese Calligraphy LessonChinese Calligraphy - Middle/High School -- 7th, 8th and 10th grade students at the Lushan Middle School in Changsha, Hunan Province, share their knowledge and skill. (Gr. 4-10)
Tour of Lijiang SchoolField Trip to the Lijiang Ethnic Orphan's School -- They may have lost their parents to earthquakes, but they haven't lost their smiles. (Gr. K-6)
Tour of ChangshaTour of Changsha -- Take a tour of the capital city of Hunan Province, Changsha, hosted by high school students from Changjun Middle School. (Gr. 5-10)

Tour of LijiangTour of Lijiang -- A tour of this ancient town in China's Himalayan Mountains region, hosted by students from the Lijiang Ethnic Orphan's School. (Gr. 3-9)

Tour of JinghaTour of Jingha -- A tour of of this town and its Buddhist temple in China's Xishuangbanna Rain Forest region, hosted by students from the Jingha Village Primary School. (Gr. K-6) Tour of Liuyang SchoolSchool Tour: Liuyang #1 Middle School -- Four seventh grade students from the Liuyang #1 Xinmin Middle School take you on a tour of their school campus -- and the museum about a famous Chinese patriot found on the grounds. (Gr. 4-10) Tour of Shanghai SchoolField Trip to the Shangyin Elementary School -- Students at this modern school in Shanghai, where the curriculum centers on the arts, give you a tour of their campus -- and show you their art and their traditional and modern musical instruments. (Gr. K-8)

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Global Studies, Geography, Culture, Chinese Calligraphy, Amazon Rain Forest, Galapagos Islands, Kalahari Desert, Himalayan Mountains, China, Namibia, Ecuador.


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