Science Connections

While language arts is the curricular focus of the adventure, The Song of the Harpy Eagle also directly connects to the science curriculum since it is set in the Amazon rain forest, focuses on rain forest animals and uses many rain forest related vocabulary words. As students encounter animals in the adventure, have them research scientific information about those animals. How does the information they uncover connect with what they learn in the adventure and, in particular, how does it pertain to the lyrics of the animal's song?

One of the adventure's Interactive Activities, Scientific Wonders, focuses on science. When completing this activity, students research and take notes on survival strategies employed by rain forest animals and scientific information that will help them to 'survive' the journey. Sell these activities to students by telling them that, in order to survive in the rain forest, complete the quest and learn the important secret of 'the Forest Protector,' they must use their brains!

Note: We recommend that you review the different Scientific Wonders activities before having your students complete them, determining which meet your curricular objectives and will fit in the time frame in which you are working. (Some may be too advanced for your students or require more time than you might have available. If so, simply skip them.) Go to the Adventure Guide for Teachers for quick links to these activities for review.


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