In the Amazon rain forest, the harpy eagle is known as "The Forest Protector" because it is believed to have the power to protect all who dwell below its perch atop the mighty kapok tree. Yet, due to rain forest destruction, this great bird has recently become an endangered species. In The Song of the Harpy Eagle, you'll travel with the students of Mr. Figinblossom as they take a musical adventure to the Amazon rain forest. Along the way, you'll learn 'The Wisdom of the Wild' from the songs of the animals you encounter and, in the end, 'The Secret of The Forest Protector.' Have YOU got what it takes to reach the top?


Your quest on this adventure is to learn 'The Secret of the Forest Protector' which will be revealed in the harpy eagle's song. In order to hear the song of the harpy eagle, you must ascend the emergent kapok tree atop which the harpy lives. As you go up the tree, you will encounter ten other animals which will reveal 'The Wisdom of the Wild' through their songs. When you reach the harpy eagle, you must demonstrate that you have learned 'The Wisdom of the Wild.' Once you do, the harpy eagle will sing its song and reveal 'The Secret of the Forest Protector.'


As you ascend the kapok tree, you will see the icons below. Two of these will allow you to hear the poetry or the song on a page. The rest will take you to a page with instructions for completing a task which will allow you to continue the journey. Scroll down to learn what each icon stands for.

Have a good journey - but WATCH YOUR STEP!

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