This page provides a summary of how The Song of the Harpy Eagle is organized and a chart linking to all of the main student pages.


The Song of the Harpy Eagle is designed for use in grades 3-6 (though teachers of grades above and below those may find the site adaptable to their level). The site is divided into five sets of pages:

1. Introductory Pages - Introduce the adventure to students.
2. Adventure Pages - Contain the poetry, photos and songs of the adventure.
3. Activity Pages - Allow students to participate directly in the adventure in ways that connect to the language arts, math and science curriculums.
4. Curriculum Connections Pages - For teachers: connect the content to various areas of the curriculum; provide useful suggestions for how to use the site most effectively in the classroom.

Students may begin the adventure by going directly to the first Adventure Page or they may visit some or all of the Introductory Pages first. Students may link forward to Activity Pages from the bottom of all Adventure Pages - or they may skip the Activity Pages and proceed through the Adventure Pages. Students may also click on audio links which appear (in most cases at the top) of each Adventure Page. These will allow students to hear the poetry and songs of the adventure.

We recommend that teachers visit the Activity Pages prior to a class's use of the site to determine which of them fit particular curricular objectives and time constraints. If you decide that your class will complete some or all of the Activity Pages, your students should record their entries in a 'Travel Log' (notebook).


Use the following chart to go to any page on this site. The chart uses the following code: AR = Animal Rap, TL = Travel Log, CC = Conversations and Complaints with Catrina, LF = Lost and Found, OR = Otis Reedy's Rain Forest Puzzlers, SW = Scientific Wonders, >> = links to.

Introductory Pages

Home Page


Introducing Mr. Figinblossom

Mr. F.'s Survey

Mr. F's Dream

Introducing Mr. Figinblossom's Students

          Wally Smiler

          Teresa Quefue

          Jose Quefue

          Dalia Delf

          Catrina Kanofski

          Charlie McNye

          Otis Reedy

          Tina Su

Adventure & Activity Pages

Adventure Introduction Page 1
Adventure Introduction Page 2

Adventure Introduction Page 3
>> TL1/CC1/OR1
Adventure Introduction Page 4

Adventure Introduction Page 5
>> TL2/CC2/SW1
The Armadillo: Poetry & Photo
>> AR1
The Song of the Armadillo
>> TL3/CC3/OR2/LF1
The Anacondas: Poetry & Photo
>> AR2
The Song of the Anacondas
>> TL4/CC4/SW2
The Leafcutter Ants: Poetry & Photo
>> AR3
The Song of the Leafcutter Ants
>> TL5/CC5/OR3
The Butterfly: Poetry & Photo
>> AR4
The Song of the Butterfly
>> TL6/CC6/SW3/LF2
The Tree Frog: Poetry & Photo
>> AR5
The Song of the Tree Frog
>> TL7/CC7/OR4
The Spider Monkeys: Poetry & Photo
>> AR6
The Song of the Spider Monkeys
>> TL8/CC8/LF3
The Sloth: Poetry & Photo
>> AR7
The Song of the Sloth
>> TL9/CC9/SW4/OR5
The Toucan: Poetry & Photo
>> AR8
The Song of the Toucan
>> TL10/CC10/SW5/OR6
The Beetles: Poetry & Photo
>> AR9
The Song of the Beetles
>> TL11/CC11/SW6/OR7
The Jaguar: Poetry & Photo
>> AR10
The Song of the Jaguar
>> TL12/CC12/SW7/LF4
The Harpy Eagle: Poetry & Photo
>> The Harpy Eagle's Test
The Song of the Harpy Eagle
>> TL13/CC13/SW8
Adventure Conclusion
>> TL14/OR8

For an index of all
Curriculum Connections Pages, go to the Curriculum Connections Index. The Curriculum Connections Index can also be accessed from the bottom of all site pages.

Have a good journey - but WATCH YOUR STEP!

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