Talking about St. Patrick's Day (transcript)

Allison: Hey, what's up?

Hugh: Not too much. Did you go to the St. Patrick's Day Parade?

Allison: No, when was that?

Hugh: It was two days ago on Sunday.

Allison: Isn't today St. Patrick's Day?

Hugh: Yeah, it is, but they had the parade two days ago on the weekend.

Allison: Oh. Did you remember to wear green today?

Hugh: Yeah, I did. It's a tradition to wear green on St. Patrick's Day. Did you wear green?

Allison: I forgot.

Hugh: Oh no. Do you know what time it is?

Allison: It's about 11:30.

Hugh: Oh no! It's so late. I have to go.

Allison: Me too!

Hugh: Bye.