Survival is the name of the game in nature--and in this adventure to the harpy's perch. Research the information referred to below that helps the animals of the rain forest to survive and will help you to survive your journey up the tree. Write what you discover in your TRAVEL LOG, then click forward to the next page of the adventure.

Of the nearly one third of a million species of beetles on the planet, most specialize in order to survive. What does it mean for an animal to specialize? Research a variety of beetles to discover some of their specialties. How does specializing help a species of beetle to survive? What do humans specialize in? Imagine you are a brand new rain forest species (a beetle, if you like, or another kind of animal) and you have to choose a specialty in order to survive. Can you find one that hasn't already been taken? If not, who will your competitors be and how will you ensure your own survival despite your well-experienced competition?

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