Survival is the name of the game in nature--and in this adventure to the harpy's perch. Research the information referred to below that helps the animals of the rain forest to survive and will help you to survive your journey up the tree. Write what you discover in your TRAVEL LOG, then click forward to the next page of the adventure.

Fruit, of course, is food; but it's also an excellent source of water - especially if you are walking through the rain forest and having a hard time finding something to drink. Since, in the story, you are in the middle of the rain forest without a supply of food or water, do some research to find out what other rain forest plants can provide nourishment - food, water, or both. One warning, though: since, in the story, you are small like ants and crawling up the bark of a tree, you might, every once in a while, encounter something that looks like a stream of water coming out of the tree. If you tasted it, you might find it to be kind of sweet. You'd be very tempted to drink it: but don't. This sweet tasting liquid is not actually water - it's a trap set for you and other insects by the pygmy marmoset. Research the pygmy marmoset to find out what this substance is, how the marmoset sets the trap and why it could be life-threatening for you.

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