To pass the harpy eagle's test and learn 'The Secret of the Forest Protector' (revealed in the harpy eagle's song), add a rhyming line to each of the harpy eagle's lines below. Each pair of lines should summarize 'The Wisdom of the Wild' revealed in the song of the animal listed. Check your Travel Log for clues. (Scroll down if you need a suggestions for the rhymes.)

1. The Armadillo

Harpy Eagle: In life a great challenge you may find.....
You: _______________________________________

2. The Anaconda

Harpy Eagle: Pitfalls may appear with a price to pay...."
You: ___________________________________________

3. The Leafcutter Ants

Harpy Eagle: Sometimes the load will be greater than it seemed....
You: ______________________________________________

4. The Butterfly

Harpy Eagle: But in time you will discover that truly you are free....
You: _________________________________________________

5. The Tree Frog

Harpy Eagle: Though free and responsible, you might not have a lot..."
You: _________________________________________________

6. The Spider Monkeys

Harpy Eagle: To make the best of your talents you must work day to day....
You: _______________________________________________

7. The Sloth

Harpy Eagle: But whatever you do and wherever you go....
You: _______________________________________

8. The Toucan

Harpy Eagle: When you take it slow, you have time to care....
You: __________________________________________

9. The Beetles

Harpy Eagle: But sharing respect is the greatest aim....
You: ________________________________________

10. The Jaguar

Harpy Eagle: You may know the secrets, you may know the rules....
You: _____________________________________________

****If you need suggestions for rhymes that fit the messages of the animals, try these:
1. mind; 2. way; 3. team; 4. responsibility; 5. got; 6. play; 7. slow; 8. share; 9. same; 10. tools. Note, other words can also work. Any rhyme that includes the message of the animal is acceptable.

Congratulations! You have completed the quest and learned 'The Wisdom of the Wild.' Now click forward to learn 'The Secret of the Forest Protector' (revealed in the harpy eagle's song.)

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