Interactive Activities

At the bottom of each Adventure Page are links to Activity Pages. These pages provide opportunities for your students to participate directly in the adventure by completing tasks that connect to the language arts, math and science curriculums. Students complete these tasks in their 'Travel Logs' (classroom notebooks). The Activity Pages are as follows:

1. Travel Log - Students make brief written entries to record their thoughts/feelings as they 'travel' and to keep track of important information they will need to complete the 'quest.'
2. Lost and Found - Students get 'lost' and have to write their way back to the group.
3. Animal Rap - Students create two-line rhymes about the animal they just encountered.
4. Scientific Wonders - Students research and take notes on survival strategies employed by rain forest animals and scientific information that will help them to 'survive' the journey.
5. Otis Reedy's Rain Forest Puzzlers - Students complete rain forest related math puzzlers posed by Otis Reedy.
6. Conversations and Complaints with Catrina - Students read a conversation between the fictitious students they are 'traveling' with, then write their own contribution to the conversation.

Note: We recommend that you go through the adventure before leading your students through it, determining which Activity Pages meet your curricular objectives and will fit in the time frame in which you are working. See Different Ways to Reach the Top
. Also, go to the Adventure Guide for Teachers for quick links to the activities for review.


Students may also click on audio links at the top of each Adventure Page. These will allow them to hear the poetry and songs on that page. They may scroll down and read along as the audio is playing. If your computer is audio-enabled, but you cannot hear the audio files, you need to get RealPlayer G2. This is FREE and easy to download from the Real Web site. Click here to go there now.
Since The Song of the Harpy Eagle is designed to be used with audio for best results, we highly recommend that you get RealPlayer G2 before you take your students on the adventure.


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