Below is the conversation Mr. Figinblossom's students had after they encountered the spider monkeys. Read it, then add your contribution to the conversation in your TRAVEL LOG.

Dalia: We're just hanging around - in the canopy! Wow! There are so many branches and leaves overlapping one another - with dancing speckles of sun splattered all over them. It's like we're in the middle of a giant picture puzzle - and we're each just one small piece of the puzzle."

Tina: Well I certainly don't want to sound like Catrina, but being small like the ants sure makes this tree trunk seem incredibly long.

Catrina: Yeah, and so incredibly boring! I'm getting sick and tired of this climbing business. If I wanted to march this much I would have joined the school band! You know your life has reached its sorriest state when you start envying a bunch of apes, but if we were regular size again at least we could climb and play on the branches, too.

Otis: Actually, spider monkeys are not really considered apes. They are primates like apes - and like us - but.....

Catrina: Who cares?! Your head is so stuffed full of facts that you don't even get my point: those monkeys are playing and having a great time and we're marching up the trunk of a mile-long tree like a bunch of robotic insects.

Otis: Ants may seem robotic, but actually their behavior is programmed by chemicals called pheromones that are...

Catrina: Spare me the details, would you, Shakespeare?! I just want to get this trip over as soon as possible, OK, and I don't need the host of the Nature Channel making it longer and duller than it already is.

Tina: You know, that's what we like about you, Rat-a-tat-tat, you're just so complimentary and agreeable - like a lightening storm.

Wally: Ah, c'mon guys, let's do what the frog said and make good use of what we've got. Let's take a break and play right here on the bark for a while.

Dalia: Yeah, this would make a great place for a game of hide-n-go-seek.

Charlie: Or a scavenger hunt!

Teresa: We could play queen on the mountain!

Jose: Or war! The enemy is just over that ridge... !Atacamos! Onward troops!

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