Below is the conversation Mr. Figinblossom's students had after they encountered the tree frog. Read it, then add your contribution to the conversation in your TRAVEL LOG.

Dalia: Oh I enjoy life and.... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Wally: A boa constrictor! Duck Mr. Tree Frog! ....... Whoa, that was a close call. Good thing he's got quick reflexes.

Jose: !Que chevere! One camouflaged combatant against another! And almost another casualty.

Dalia: Danger lurks in every shadow!

Charlie: Ohhhhhhh, do you have to say things like that?

Catrina: OK, this is just getting too ridiculous. Every time we turn a corner there's an animal biting the dust or a risk to our lives. I think this trip is one big joke. It's Mr. F.'s way of getting even with us for all those times that Sarge shot spitballs, or Munge left a pile of Twinkie wrappers under his desk, or Shakespeare over here read The Science Journal during social studies class. In other words, it's all your fault! And if I get eaten, I'll haunt each and every one of you.

Tina: Now that's frightening. On the other hand, if she gets eaten, the eater would be my hero for life.

Speaking of eating, I'm getting kinda hungry.

Jose: !Que barbarbidad!. Onward troops!

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