Below is the conversation Mr. Figinblossom's students had after they encountered the butterfly. Read it, then add your contribution to the conversation in your TRAVEL LOG.

Teresa: Poor little butterfly. Why did it have to get eaten?

Catrina: It's his own fault for not listening to its mother. That's the problem with young people these days: they get a little freedom, think they know everything and run straight into trouble. Do you think they listen to the good advice of adults and kids who are wiser than they are, like me. Noooo! They're too cool for that! Well, I'll tell you what: some things you don't learn and POOF! - your gone - and you deserve to be.

Tina: Hmm. Let me try that on you Rat-a-tat-tat: POOF! Darn, your still here.

Teresa: But that poor little beautiful butterfly isn't.

Otis: That's just the nature of nature. As beautiful as a butterfly is, it's only food in the eyes of many other animals.

Charlie: Speaking of food, I'm getting kind of hungry.

Jose: Eat or be eaten! !Sigamos! Onward troops!

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