Below is the conversation Mr. Figinblossom's students had when they heard the harpy eagle's cry. Read it, then add your contribution to the conversation in your TRAVEL LOG.

Charlie: W-w-w-what was that horrible screech?!

Dalia: That was the harpy eagle's cry. She's calling us to go up the tree.

Charlie: Gulp! This is just too scary for me, gang. I-I don't think I can go any further. I'm afraid you're going to have to leave me here - to die.

Jose: C'mon, Munge, that's loco. Get over it. We've got a quest to complete. Onward troops!

Teresa: Yeah, Munge, don't be such a big wimp. C'mon, let's go.

Charlie: I can't. My legs are stuck.

Tina: You mean your brain is stuck.

Wally: You can do it, Munge. Mr. F said we need to work together as a team and you're part of the team.

Dalia: Yeah, besides: did you hear the sadness in the harpy's cry? How could anyone turn away from such heartrending grief? We must follow her call against all odds!

Catrina: Oh brother! I think you've all lost your marbles. Look, I'm stuck, too - stuck on this ridiculous adventure with a bunch of nincompoops! If he's stuck, I say we leave him here for the snakes and the army ants.

Charlie: Snakes! Army ants! Um, wait for me! I'm coming!

Tina: Hmm, looks like his brain got unstuck in a hurry. There's no fear that can't be overcome - by a greater one! Ha-ha.

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