Below is the conversation Mr. Figinblossom's students had after they encountered the toucan. Read it, then add your contribution to the conversation in your TRAVEL LOG.

Charlie: Munch, munch, slurp, slurp.....

Teresa: Hey, Munge, you're being awfully quiet back there. Looks like your pockets are chuck full of baseballs. What gives?

Charlie: Oh, I've just been collecting a few nuts and fruits as we've been traveling up the tree.

Jose: Yo tengo hambre, tambien. It looks like you've collected enough for an army, Munge. How about rationing out the grub?

Otis: Actually, there are edible grubs in the rain forest. One kind can be found in the shell of a certain nut. The grub eats the nut and ends up tasting delicious just like the nut. You are what you eat. I'd say the odds are pretty good that Munge has been eating insect larvae.

Tina: So, does that make him a grub - or a nut - or both?

Charlie: As long as it tastes good, I don't mind what I eat. Who wants to share my snack with me?

Catrina: You've got to be joking. You think I would put one of those nasty fruits in my mouth. Who knows what weird reptiles have been creeping over it, or what strange insects have been injecting it with their digestive juices, or what putrid blobs of plant decay have dripped down onto it. And to make matters worse, you put it in your pocket! Who in their right might would eat anything that came out of there?

Tina: Amazing, for once in my life, I find myself siding with Catrina.

Teresa: I'll give it a try. You guys are wimps.

Dalia: There's no better nourishment than the fruits of the wilderness in their natural state!

Jose: !Que rico! Onward troops!

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