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The following is taken from The Culture Connection Newsletter, written by OneWorld Classrooms Director Paul Hurteau when he lived and taught in Limoncocha, Ecuador:

Inside A Rain Forest House
If you lived in the rain forest just like me
You'd quickly discover "diversity"
You wouldn't need to explore, nor wander, nor roam
For you'd find great variety right in your home

Since moving here and settling in
I've had so many visitors, I couldn't begin
To tell you of all these marvelous creatures
Leave alone their habits, their manners and features

Crunching cockroaches in my plate when I eat
Tank-like tarantulas on my toilet seat
Tentacles and wings whizzing 'round my night candles
Tiny tree toads seeking nooks in my sandals

Termites making a meal of my door
Mildew and moss on my walls galore
I'm beginning to know what it's like to be
A sloth living high in the canopy

A rain forest cat is what I need
Because a rain forest rat's just a rat indeed
And if I don't get rid of that rain forest mouse
Next the boa will visit to exterminate my house.



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