The Classroom Package: Related Activities and Lessons

To keep your Amazon adventures squarely focused on the curriculum::

1. Visit each adventure's Curriculum Connections pages for activity and lesson ideas. Choose an index below:

A. Children of the Amazon: Curriculum Connections Index
B. The Song of the Harpy Eagle Curriculum Connections Index
C. Amazin' Amazon Mystery Animals Curriculum Connections Index

2. Try one of these activities, adapting it to your grade level:

A. A Letter From The Amazon (Social Studies)
B. Rain Forest Puzzlers (Math)
C. How/Why Animal Stories (Language Arts)
D. Research Reports (Science)
E. Classroom Rain Forest (Art)
F. Rain Forest Sound Image (Music)

3. Visit the following Web sites for lesson plans and Web Quests about the rain forest:

A. Proteacher Rainforest Lesson Plans for K-5 -
B. Woodrow Wilson Biology Institute: Teaching about the Rainforest - Classroom Ideas -
C. K-3 Rain Forest Activities and Lessons -

See Links and Resources for links to more rain forest Web sites.


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