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After taking your students on the Children of the Amazon field trip and revisiting its poem, try one of the following activities/lessons, adapting it to fit your grade level:

1. Animal Rythyms (Language Arts/Music/Science)

2. Animal Riddles (Language Arts/Science)

3. Animal Name Origins (Language Arts/Social Studies/Math)

4. Proud to Be Bilingual (Social Studies/Language Arts)

5. Fun with Words (Language Arts)

6. Getting Around the Globe (Geography/Math)

7. Myth Versus Science (Social Studies/Science)

8. Food for Thought (Social Studies/Science)

9. Rain Forest Feast (Social Studies/Science/Math)

10. Children of ... (Your Home Area) (Language Arts/Social Studies)

Also, if you completed the Things That Go to Make Up a Life and/or Similarities and Differences activities in Where to Begin, revisit them now that your students have 'met' rain forest children.

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