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Nivel Seis/Grade Six: Cultura/Culture
    !Hola amigos! Mi nombre es Vanesa. Tengo once anos. Mi nombre es Tamara. Tengo doce anos. Estudio en La Escuela Rio Amazonos. Estoy en el sexto grado. La pesca es una actividad muy importante en nuestra cultura. Aqui estamos pescando en la laguna de Limoncocha. Hello friends! My name is Vanesa (left). I am eleven years old. My name is Tamara. I am twelve. We study in The Amazon River Elementary School in sixth grade. Fishing is a very important activity in our culture. Here we are fishing in Limoncocha lake.
Click here to see more photos from our fishing trip ...
Click here to see two predators that prey on fish -- and most any other animal that steps foot in the lake!
Click on one of my classmate's names below to learn more about our culture:
 Pancho - La Canoa/The Canoe
Fidel - La Cazaria/Hunting
Rubiela and Rosana - Kichwa/Quichua
Bertila - Chicha/Chicha
Joni - Adivinanzas/Riddles

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