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Nivel Tres/Grade Three: Familia y Comunidad/Family and Community
   !Hola amigos! Yo me llamo Kiwi. Tengo ocho anos. Aqui mis companeras estan trabajando en la minga. Hello friends! My name is Kiwi. I am eight  years old. Here my classmates are working in a minga.
A minga is a community work event. Everybody has to help out! Even the 1st graders bring their machetes to school when we have grass cutting mingas!
Click here to see scenes at a community canoe building minga ...
We work together, but we also pray and play together. Click here to see what we mean...
Click on one of my classmate's names below to learn more about family and community life:
Yersi - Mi Familia/My Family
Rosa - Cuidando Ninos/Babysitting
Kenyo - Trabajo/Chores
Unico - Abuelos/Grandparents

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