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Nivel Cuatro/Grade Four: Animales/Animals
  !Hola amigos! Yo me llamo Arturo. Tengo nueve anos. Aqui estoy con la capybara. En Quichua, se llama 'capyhuagra.'  Hello friends! My name is Arturo. I am  nine years old. Here I am with the capybara. In Quichua, it is called 'capyhuagra.'
Capybaras are plant eaters, right? Well mine also likes to eat fish!
Click on one of my classmate's names below to see more animals:
Alex - Mono/Monkey
Luzmelana - Tortuga/Turtle
Tinli - Loro/Parrot
Sindi Sisa - Juatusa/Agouti
Rina - Perico/Parakeet

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