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The Art Gallery contains artwork by students of The Amazon River Elementary School, General Mires Elementary School and 24 de Mayo Elementary School in the province of Sucumbios in the Ecuadorian Amazon rain forest. The artwork is organized into this site's six grade level themes. The names of the featured artists are listed after each page title. Choose a page below:
Games 1 - Quirina, Melicia and Galecio
Games 2 - Rany and Dicere
Festivals 1 - Orlando and Maico
Festivals 2 - Quindi, Zinni and Fulvio
Family/Community 1 - Delsi and Sindi Sisa
Family/Community 2 - Aida and Sandy
Animals 1 - Neber, Juani, Edith and Kike
Animals 2 - Sisa, Kendi, Luz Melana and Carolina
Animals 3 - Alex, Arturo, Angel and Jimmi
Plants 1 - Ruth, Angel and Vicente
Plants 2 - Bladimir, Willian, Neber and Jimmi
Culture 1 - Vilma, Rene, Ernesto and Liliana
Culture 2 - Sixto, Vicente, Sandra and Alexandra
Culture 3 - Janeth and Jorge

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