Meet the Adventure Team

Saludos! (Greetings!) And welcome to the Galapagos Islands E-Travel Logs! My name is Paul Hurteau and my partners name is Lilia Cai. And YOU are about to travel to the Galapagos Islands with US -- from right inside your classroom! We'll be visiting several schools on Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela Islands. Along the way, we'll explore the many wonders of this famous volcanic archipelago, get to know children who live there and, of course, encounter its many amazing animals. You can read more about Lilia and I below, then click forward to begin the adventure. Happy trails!

Paul Hurteau, a former English teacher, is the Director of OneWorld Classrooms and an Arts-in-Education specialist in New York State. He was a WorldTeach volunteer in Kenya and Ecuador for a total of three and a half years and has visited schools in Namibia, the Canadian Arctic, the Amazon Rain Forest, China and the Galapagos Islands to facilitate OneWorld Classrooms exchanges. He speaks Spanish, French, Swahili and Luo. Also a musician and a poet, he wrote all of the songs and poems featured in the Classroom Travel Resources.

Lilia Cai is from Shanghai, China, and has worked as project coordinator for OneWorld Classrooms for three years. Prior to joining the project, she worked as a WorldTeach volunteer in the Amazon Rain Forest where her most challenging experience was to learn how to cope with giant cockroaches. She speaks Chinese, English and Spanish. Lilia puts together the project Web site.

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Meet the Adventure Team
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E-Log #3 -- San Cristobal Island

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E-Log#7: Santa Cruz
E-Log#8: Isabela Island
E-Log#9: Isabela

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