Cutest of the Cute

Marine Iguana

Thank you! Thank you for choosing me as one of the candidates (sniffle, sniffle). That's such an unexpected honor (sniffle)! Nobody EVER told me that I was cute in my whole life. I know my skin is a little bumpy, my body shape is no longer in fashion and I might look a little mean, but I'm really peace-loving at heart. (Except when another male iguana tries to get into my territory. But that's understandable, right?) I'm also a natural-born poet. My latest work is called "Sunshine and Seaweed". And, I'm the only seagoing lizard in the world, which I put proudly on my resume. But I think I look the coolest when I snort little clouds of salt spray into the air. I feel like a dragon then. Thank you!

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