Incredible Animals of the Galapagos

Marine Iguana

So you guessed who I am. Very clever! But did you figure out which of my body parts were represented numerically and descriptively in the poem? They were: my tail (1x1=1 -- 'the rudder of my skiff'); my feet/legs (2x2=4 -- 'scuttling up a cliff'); my toes/claws (5x4=20 -- 'keep me anchored wet or dry'); my nostrils and eyes (2x1x2=4 -- seeking seaweed salad and finding moss-patch pie'); my mouth (1x1=1 -- 'I trim, I prune, I clip, I mow'); my spinal spikes (1x80=80 -- 'rubbery stalagmites in a row'); and my scales (60x260=15,600 -- 'soaking up the sun'). That's a grand total of 15,710 body parts, thank you very much!

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