Amazin' Amazon Mystery Animals

Mystery Animal #7: No Place Like Home

I once paid a visit to my Asian kin
I felt right at home in their habitat
But they slept in the day and bulldozed at night
And I just couldn't adjust to that

  So I paid a visit to my African kin
Famous for their facial warts
But I didn't really care for their neighbors
They were sinewy and toothy and made me feel out of sorts
So I paid a visit to my European kin
Named for their rowdiness and ability to bore
But I didn't care for their constant grunting
And couldn't sleep through their rumbling snores
So I paid a visit to my North American kin
A tame curly-tailed crew without any tusks
But I couldn't handle their cramped, stark residence
Nor, between you and me, their peculiar musk
So now that I've returned to the Amazon
I've learned that wherever you roam
While the world is a very interesting place
There really is no place like home.
Guess who.
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