Amazin' Amazon Mystery Animals

Mystery Animal #6: Warn Clichés

If you beat around the bush
You'd better walk on eggs
I can quickly cook your goose
And I don't mean maybe, baby
You're skating on thin ice!

  I'm A-number one
A vicious circle
With a checkered career
Since I'm dressed to kill
I'm as cool as a cucumber
I've got a lean and hungry look
And I pack a wallop
I might not have a leg to stand on
But I'm armed to the teeth
And I come on like gangbusters
I'm the spitting image of the end of your rope
We're in close quarters
So put your best foot forward
I'm close on your heels
So I can sweep you off your feet
And take you to the cleaners
Yes, my friend, you're in a pickle
And, to me, you're easy pickings
I send shivers down your spine
Scare you out of your wits
But it's too late now
For crying in the wilderness
You're a foregone conclusion
In a no-win situation
You can bet your boots
Like a bolt from the blue
In a twinkling of an eye
I'll be a thorn in your side
To make a long story short
Your days are numbered
So pack it in
Take your last gasp
You're in hot water
But your about to kick the bucket
And when I add my finishing touch
Like it or lump it
You will bite the dust!
That's right, my friend, you're on the brink of disaster
And I'm the bottomless pit, the deadly ____________.
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