Amazin' Amazon Mystery Animals

Mystery Animal #3: Duty-bound Troops

Hut-two-three-four--Marching on the forest floor
Hut-three-four-five--Working hard to stay alive
Hut-four-five-six--Over logs and twigs and sticks
Hut-six-seven-Hey!--Towards the tree we make our way
Hut-six-seven-eight--Up the trunk, steady and straight
Hut-seven-eight-nine--Past the flowers and the vines
Hut-eight-nine-ten--Towards the leaves we dutifully wend
Hut-nine-ten-eleven--We snip and clip and snip again
Hut-twelve-eleven-ten--We turn around and now descend
Hut-ten-nine-eight--Never time to hesitate
Hut-seven-six-five--This steady flow makes us survive
Hut-six-five-four--To our home and through the door
Hut-five-four-three--Down our tunnel to the queen
Hut-four-three-two--Changing leaves to sticky goo
Hut-three-two-one--Farming fungus is so much fun!

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