Amazin' Amazon Mystery Animals

Mystery Animal #21: Caustic Candy

I'm a bite-sized gum drop
Licorice and taffy
Caramel and peppermint
Or maybe it would seem

  I'm sticky and lickable
Like candy canes and lollipops
My fingertips are lemon drops
My eyes are jujubes
I'm lemon, lime or orange
Grape or blueberry
Strawberry, cherry
A colorful tongue-tease
Now and laters
Hot tomales
Jelly beans
Jolly ranchers
Make your choice
What'll it be?
What's your favorite flavor?
Take your pick if you dare
Cause I'm no bit-o-honey
You'd better not eat me
For sweet as I may look
I'm as bitter as a choke berry
Nasty as nicotine
Poison as can be!
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