Amazin' Amazon Mystery Animals

Mystery Animal #20: King of Complainers

I don't know why they call the tamarin a lion
For I'd be king if they heard me sing
And, no, I don't croon when I belt out my tune
Howling bloody murder is my claim to fame
And I'd like to see the tamarin just try to do the same.

  There positively are NO lions in the Amazon rain forest!
Ha, to me, the tamarin's no more than a squirrely little pest
It could never begin to pass my test
Oh, you might get a whimper or weak little whine
But, when it comes to making noise, I'm simply the finest, the greatest and THE BEST!
Why don't I pick on someone closer to my size? you say
Well how 'bout the jaguar? -  to her I'm mere prey
But when it comes to roaring, she can hardly purr
And she's got nothing on me when it comes to fur
Yeah, we've got rhino beetles and leopard moths and lion tamarins
But none of them can roar like me
So why shouldn't I be king?
Roaring, after all, is a rather noble thing
Wouldn't you agree?
Guess who.
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