Amazin' Amazon Mystery Animals

Mystery Animal #1 - Answer: Butterfly

The poem Flower on Flower depicts a butterfly resting on a flower and compares the two to each other. What are the 'petals' of the butterfly? What are the 'wings' of the flower? How else are the two alike and what else does the poem compare them to? How does the poem make it clear that the butterfly is the main subject? How are the butterfly and the flower linked biologically? (Hint: food and pollination.)

Note that the poem, like butterflies and flowers, is symmetrical. The 'ON's' in the first three lines of each stanza form the line of symmetry, with repeated words on either side. The poem is also concrete. Each stanza represents a butterfly. This time the 'ON's' represent the body and the other words the wings. How does the color pattern of the poem match that of the butterfly in this picture?

The poem was inspired by a traditional Quichua proverb that states: I'm a flying flower on a flower. Who am I?

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