Amazin' Amazon Mystery Animals

Mystery Animal #14: Blue Moon Shining Through the Trees

My silky scales sparkling like glitter
My delicate sails going flutter and flitter
In the wind I wax and I wane peacefully
Sailing the waves of my empyrean sea

I flash and I dazzle
Like a scarlet macaw
Then blend in
Like a cowering fawn
I flash and I flicker
Then I disappear
I was over there
Now I'm over here
Full moon - my sails are a bold bright blue
New moon - the sky's a disguising hue
I'm here, I'm there
But invisible in-between
Blindingly brilliant
Then utterly unseen
Blue moon shining through the trees
New moon hiding, gone with the breeze
Who am I, this blue moon in the sky?
None other than the ______________.
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