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   Sample Module

NOTE ABOUT THIS SAMPLE MODULE: This sample module shows the general layout for Student to Student Language Lab modules. The right hand column of all module pages will feature a photo of the contributing class/ students and a module profile. The left hand column will list module links. The index page of each module will also list the vocabulary words that will be featured in the rest of that module's pages.

NOTE ABOUT CONTENT CONTRIBUTIONS: Contributing classes submit audio, video, photos and artwork for a module assigned or approved by OneWorld Classrooms. OneWorld Classrooms assembles and posts the Web pages using contributed content. (Teachers do NOT create/submit Web pages.) For more information, see our sample content contribution guidelines.


To complete this module, review the vocabulary list below; and then visit the Audio, Video and Flashcard pages using the links in the column on the left.

Here is the Vocabulary List for this module.

Theme: Our School
Grammar Element: 'This is...; That is...'
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

1. 欢迎 (huān yíng) - Welcome!

2. 来 (lái) - to come; come

3. 我们/ 我们的 (wǒmén/wǒmén de) - we/our

4. 学校 (xuéxiào) - school

5. 这是 (zhè shì) -This is ...

6. 那是 (nà shì) - That is...

7. 校园 (xiào yuán) - campus

8. 同学 (tóngxué) - student; classmate

9. 老师 (lǎoshī) - teacher

10. 校长 (xiàozhǎng) - principal




Jingha Elementary School - 5th grade
Module Profile

Language: Chinese
Theme: Our School
Grammar Element: 'This is...; That is...'
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Contributing Class: Grade 5, Jingha Elementary School, Jingha, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China
Contributing Teacher: Mi Lan Xue

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