Talking about the Prom (transcript)


Frank: Hey, Sam.

Sam: Hi, Frank. What are you doing here?

Frank: I'm going to eat lunch with Marge.

Sam: Oh, I ate lunch with her yesterday.

Frank: Oh, I was going to ask her to the Prom on Thursday evening.

Sam: But I already asked her.

Frank: Oh Sam! Come on, Sam. That sucks.

Sam: Well, do you know how much the tickets are?

Frank: I think they are fifty dollars.

Sam: That's... that's a lot of money.

Frank: Yeah, (it would have) cost less if you weren't taking Marge. Now I have to go with my sister.

Sam: Oh, well, maybe I will make Marge buy her own ticket. How does that sound?

Frank: I don't think she's gonna like that.

Sam: Oh, really? Are you paying for your sister's ticket?

Frank: Yeah, I owe her money anyway.

Sam: Yeah, well, I will see you at the Prom, then.

Frank: Alright. See you at the Prom.