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 English Module 1:
Time Expressions


Click on the earphones below to hear students saying the words in the vocabulary list. Students say each phrase twice, and then repeat a sentence that includes the phrase.

Instructions: Click on the earphones to hear the audio. Click on the square button to stop the audio. Click on a student's name to view his or her self-introduction.

Helena (冉慧论)


Last week I bought a new iPod.

Next Saturday I'm going to my friend's party.


Frank (石抚锐)


I wore green on St. Patrick's Day.


We have a Math test in two weeks.

Hugh (孔豪光)


Last Tuesday I ate lunch at McDonald's.

Today I'm going to play soccer because the weather is so nice.

Sam (甘示慕)


Yesterday my friends and I went to see a movie.

Tomorrow at two o'clock I'm going to make up a test in English.

Allison (冯香春)


During Spring I enjoy taking walks in the park.

I like to hang out with my friends in the afternoon .

Vicky (贾菲顺)







Husam (安慧旭)




IBO Chinese Class - Albany High

Module Profile

Language: English
Theme: Time Expression
Grammar Element: Past, Present and Future Tenses
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Contributing Class: 11th Grade, IBO Chinese Class of Albany High School, Albany, New York, USA.
Contributing Teacher: Mr. Smeallie

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