School Tour: Liuyang Number One Middle School

Student Page

On this page, you will meet your tour guides from Liuyang Number One Middle School. Click on the photos or the students names to listen to them introduce themselves in English.

Hello, my name is Sally. My 13th birthday is four days away. I'm a confident girl. I'm from Class 15. My class is very friendly. I like Art, English and Chinese. They are interesting but very difficult. I like singing, writing and drawing, but I don't like playing sports. So I'm fat and short. My favorite foods are apples, milk, ice-cream and Hami melon. I want to be an astronaut. It's an exciting job. My motto is, 'All things in their beings are good for something.' Thank you!

Hi, my name is Sophie. I'm a sunny girl. I'm from Class 15. I love my class. I like English, History and Music, because they are relaxing and interesting. I can draw pictures. I can sing and play the piano. I like honey peach, eggs and apples. I like running, but don't like skip rope, because it is boring. I want to be an air hostess. That's not all: Welcome to Xinmin School! Thank you!


Mike My name is Mike. I'm a student. I study in class 18, Xinmin School. I'm 13 years old. I like playing computer games. This is my favorite activity and I like sports, too: basketball, ping pong, tennis and soccer. Ping pong is my favorite sport. I also like reading history books. Nice to meet you!

Alan My name is Alan. I'm a student. I study in Class 18, Xinmin School. I am 13 years old. I like playing computer games. This is my favorite. I like sports too: basketball, ping pong, soccer and tennis. I like all sports, but I don't play them very well. I like learning, too. My favorite subjects are Math, English, Chinese and Computers. I have many friends. Some of them good at art and some of them good at computers. For example, my friend, Huang Shan, in Class 11. She got first prize in a computer competition. My computer teacher, Mr. Yin, told me I must study from her. I think so. This is me.



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