Hua Mu Lan -- The Woman Warrior

Maybe you know the Walt Disney version of Mulan’s story. In China, she was so famous that her name became the nickname for all Chinese women soldiers. Here’s the Chinese version of her story:

During the Nanbei Dynasty (420-589 AD), China was divided into different kingdoms and there were many wars among them. Almost all men were drafted to fight in the wars. One day, a draft order arrived at Hua Mulan's home, demanding her father leave immediately for war. Mulan's father had been a general but now he was more than 60 years old and was troubled with sickness. Mulan loved her father very much and was very upset with the order.

In order to save her father, Mulan came up with a very brave idea. She dressed herself up as a man and went to war in his place. She pretended to be her father's son and took the position as a general. She fought bravely and cleverly, and eventually led her soldiers to victory. When the emperor asked Mulan what she wanted as a reward, she said that she only wanted to go back home to be with her parents. When she got home, she changed out of her armor and back into her own clothing. Her soldier friends were shocked to see her. For twelve years they had no idea she was a woman!


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