Links to Excellent Web Sites about China and Asia

All About China

Getting to Know China -- -- Excellent resource for exploring China's economy, government, traditions, customs and the people. Compare life in China with life in the United States.

China the Beautiful -- -- Excellent multimedia site with bilingual links. Listen to poetry reading and the Beijing Opera. Learn Chinese history through paintings (including rare paintings of ancient Chinese emperors) and timelines and learn Chinese language with flashcards.

The China Experience -- -- A comprehensive guide to Chinese arts, crafts and folk customs. Also a good place to find mouth-watering Chinese food recipes.

China, An Ancient Country in a Modern World -- -- Classroom activities for elementary-level students, along with pertinent links to sites which will facilitate and expand these activities. There are links to sites which provide the basic facts about China—geography, history, arts—and its culture.

Searching for China -- -- Using the resources of the World Wide Web to cull information about China. The six sets of inquiry-based activities pose questions and provide links to sites that will help to answer the questions.

Chinese Language, Arts and Culture

Chinese Proverbs -- -- A dictionary of Chinese proverbs and the connotations.

Chinese Arts (Images) -- -- Images of Chinese antiques, ivory-carvings, paper-cuttings and paintings.

Traditional Chinese Paper Art -- -- Focuses on Chinese paper folding and paper cutting.

Teaching/Learning about Confucius' The Analects -- -- Resources to help Western students understand Confucius' philosophy.

Taoism and the Arts of China -- -- The Art Institute of Chicago presents an online exhibit of over 100 works of Taoist art illustrating many facets of the Taoist religion. The exhibition includes paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, porcelain, lacquer, and ritual robes and implements.

National Palace Museum -Taiwan -- -- A Web Site for teaching about Taiwan's history and culture, with an animated Kids Corner.

About Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) -- -- All about Tai Chi.

The Great Wall - Symbol of China -- -- Goes beyond the Great Wall to take a fun look at China, including ideas for making Chinese crafts, maps to print out and an entertaining quiz.

Chinese New Year -- -- Learn about the history of the Chinese New Year, fortune cookies, the Chinese calendar, New Year greetings; this is a fun Web Site to learn about Chinese culture.

Giant Panda -- -- All about the giant panda.

Shaolin Kung Fu -- http://www.Kung -- A colorful site with lots of illustrations. Teaches the history and the principles of Chinese Kung Fu and the Shaolin School of learning.

Chinese History and Geography

In the Footsteps of Marco Polo -- -- Take a trip with Marco Polo himself.

Silk Road Encounters -- -- Travel the Silk Road, exploring its geography, history, religion, art, trade and music.

The Silk Roads -- -- A brief study of the historical and modern day Silk Road.

Daily Life in Ancient China -- -- Learn about Chinese dynasties, ancient teachings and Chinese superstitions.

China's Age of Invention -- -- A NOVA interview with an expert on the Song Dynasty (A.D. 960-1280).

Understanding the Geography of China -- -- An exploration of the many geographical faces of China.

Yellow River -- -- Explore the Yellow River -- known in China as the Mother River of Chinese Civilization.

Dinosaur Fossils Found in Asia -- -- An encyclopedia of dinosaurs whose fossils are found in China and other Asian countries.


Fun Stuff PBS SAGWA -- -- Has a really fun game and drawing sections.

Ancient Invention Game -- -- The British Council created this fun little Web page to see how much you know about ancient inventions.

Lesson Plans and Math Activities

Chinese Abacus -- -- Excellent math resource complete with lesson plans.

Tangrams -- -- Tangrams are ancient Chinese puzzles made from 7 geometric pieces which are put together to create many different shapes. Another great math resource.

Lesson Plans and Activities Ancient & Modern China -- .

Golden Legacy -- -- Three sample curriculum plans from the Chinese Historical and Cultural Project for students in grades three through five. Each lesson includes background information, materials for classroom activities and how to proceed using them, and bibliographies.

PBS Teacher Source -- -- Type the word China in the search bar for a list of PBS lesson plans and resources focusing on China.

Asian Studies

Asia for Elementary Students and Teachers -- -- A list of excellent resources for teaching about Asia.

Asia for Educators -- -- A classroom resource guide created by the East Asian Curriculum Project and the Project on Asia in the Core Curriculum at Columbia University.

Ask Asia -- -- A beautiful Web site designed by the Asia Society.

Asian Art Outlook -- -- Teaching about Asia through its art. Another excellent Web site from the Asia Society.

Online Resources for K-14 East Asia Studies -- -- Five College Center for East Asia Studies created this list of resources.


Links to Excellent Web Sites About China and Asia

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