Tour of Changsha

On this page, you will meet your tour guides - students from Changjun Middle School in Changsha. Click on the photos to hear their self-introductions in English (and then click on the BACK button to return to this page).

Hello everyone, this is Cecilia (Chinese name Pu Shisi) - a beautiful girl from class 046, Senior 1 (grade 10). I'm from Changjun Middle School, an old school with long history. I like to play all kinds of sports and I enjoy all kinds of music. I hope you can come to Changsha and enjoy it with me. Today we are going to take you to see the beautiful scenery in Changjun School and other places. I hope all of you can enjoy it. Well, let's go!


Hi, it's Cherry (Chinese name Xu Wenting). I'm a senior high school student from Changjun Middle School. I love tennis and hope that one day I can play tennis with you.




Hello everybody, this is Bright (Chinese name Bai Hengchuan)- a funny boy. I also like tennis very much. I hope you can come to Changsha and play tennis with me.



Hi everyone, I'm Bill (Chinese name Duan Rimeng). I'm from Class 0405. I think I'm a funny boy, like Bright. My hobby is football, although I don't play it well. So, I think everyone can come here and play it with me.



Hello everyone, I'm Karina (Chinese name Su Jing). I'm a student of Changjun Middle School. I'm outgoing and cheerful. This allows me to make new friends easily. When I'm by myself, I love to search the Internet because I can see so many things around the world. Someday I hope to go around the globe and see all the beautiful scenery. If you get a chance to go to Changsha, take it!




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