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Kai Shu
(The Standard or Standing Style)

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Stroke by Stroke Practice: Cheng

To the left is a character I wrote called cheng. It is a versatile character that can mean many things when combined with another character. For example, it can mean to become, to succeed, to mature, etc. -- or can add those meanings to the word it is combined with. For example, when combined with the character for person, ren, it means adult. It is also a character in Jackie Chan's Chinese name, Cheng Long, which means to become a dragon. I wrote it using the standard or standing style. The standing style uses straight and distinct lines that produce relatively square or box-like characters. In all calligraphy, there is a prescribed order of writing the strokes, generally, from left to right and from up to down (though the character order is top to bottom and right to left). Below, you can see how I wrote cheng stroke-by-stroke.



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