Awesome Arctic Animals

Answer: Peregrine Falcon
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Kiggaviarjuk means peregrine falcon in Inuktitut.

Dididididi .... A chattering snow bunting darts low over the flowered carpet that covers the tundra. On a nearby cliff, a dogfighter's black-helmeted head jerks in the direction of the movement and its keen, yellow-goggled eyes focus in on the target. The sleek gunner throws itself off the cliff and, in a silent lightening dive, bolts headlong towards the unsuspecting smaller aircraft. Pow! From a sudden cloud of feathers, the bunting plops to the ground and the fighter plane lands beside it. With a flurry of talons and mandibles, the falcon quickly finishes the bunting off, then rises with it in its clutches to its hangar on the cliff side.

Photo Credit: © Richard Fife, Environment Canada/Canadian Wildlife Services.  All rights reserved.
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