Awesome Arctic Animals

Answer: Barren Ground Grizzly Bear
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Aklaq means grizzly bear in Inuktitut.

Yes, bears can be mean; and while barren ground grizzlies don't kill as frequently as their white, aquatic cousins, they won't hesitate to do so when presented the opportunity. They mostly hunt for lemmings and marmots, using their extremely long front claws to dig up burrows. But occasionally they go for larger game such as caribou, moose and muskox, more often targeting the newly born. While polar bears clearly prefer meat, though (90 percent of which is seal), grizzlies seem to prefer vegetation. In the Arctic spring and early summer, they eat flowers, grasses, sedges, herbs, tubers, corms and roots and, in the late summer and fall, they feast on berries.

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