Awesome Arctic Animals

Answer: Seal
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Nattiq means seal in Inuktitut.

Not quite at the top of the food chain, seals have to be careful of hunters every time they go fishing. They fish for shrimp-like crustaceans, mollusks and bottom-dwelling fish such as cod; while they are hunted by sharks, killer whales and, most notably, polar bears, who stalk them as they bask on the sea ice or swat them as they surface at breathing holes. People, too, hunt seals, only not just for their own consumption and not just for food. The meat is often fed to the dogs and the hides are prized for making boot soles, harpoon lines and dog traces. Traditionally, the skins were also used to make parkas, tents and mats; the intestines were used to make containers and igloo windows; the fat was burned for light and heat; and the bones were used to make tools and children's toys.

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