What are you made of? ... What percentage of you is hamburger? What about tofu? Or termites?...

Humans are mostly water. After that, we're mostly protein and fat. For fun, list the foods you eat that mainly contain protein and fat. Next to each food on your list, write an estimate of its percentage of your overall consumption (not including water)? To give you a fun example of how your list should look, I'll make mine using rain forest foods that are commonly eaten in my village in Ecuador:

The Stuff I Eat

I eat about:

10% fish (bocachico, corbina, piranha, catfish, etc...)
4% beans
3% wild meat (armadillo, agouti, tinamou, caiman, etc...)
2% chicken
2% milk (dry)
2% nuts (Brazil, Bread, Tagua...)
2% cheese
2% chicken eggs
1% yogurt
1% turtle eggs
1% cooking oil

(The remaining 70% of the food I eat - cassava, rice, corn, oat meal, bread, fruit, vegetables, etc... - contains mostly carbohydrates, roughage, vitamins and minerals.)

Are you a sleuth? See if you can figure out this food puzzler:

Let's say another ten percent of your overall consumption is protein, fat and minerals that are mixed with foods not on your list. So, add a line to your list like this:

10% protein and fat from combination foods

Let's suppose, now, that the foods on your list make up 100% of the non-water you. (The rest give you energy and help you to operate smoothly.) Roughly, what percentage of each food on your list are you? Here are my results:

The Stuff I'm Made Of

I am roughly:

25% fish (bocachico, corbina, piranha, catfish, etc...)
10% beans
7.5% wild meat (armadillo, agouti, tinamou, caiman, etc...)
5% chicken
5% milk (dry)
5% nuts (Brazil, Bread, Tagua...)
5% cheese
5% chicken eggs
2.5% yogurt
2.5% turtle eggs
2.5% cooking oil
and 25% protein and fat from combination foods.

Your total should add up to 100%. (Note, this exercise just gives a rough estimate of what you are made of, not a scientific one. Remember, if we eat more carbohydrates and sugars than we need, they too can become a part of us [since they turn into fat]. Also, if we eat more protein than we need, our body mostly gets rid of it. Finally, in times when our bodies are low on fuel [sugars and carbohydrates], we burn fat or protein.).

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