OK, that one was easy. This one is a bit more challenging. Have fun figuring it out...


In Africa
mine is the
royal family
Forget about
the lion's claim
He wanders the
plain haughtily
But his is a narrow
domain My family's
dominion is much
wider in scope We've
colonized the whole
continent Our castles
stretch from Cairo to
the Cape of Good
Hope We're innumerable,
ubiquitous and omnipresent
And the lion claims a kingship
But 'What good's a king?' we
say Without a queen to balance
the ship The ship will sink straight
away Our queen serves faithfully
and dutifully In fact she's completely
weighed down with her burden In
her belly she carries the blind progeny
For her relentless duty's her birthing
And look what the lion does with his family
Half the time he wanders the plain so vast
He's never where the lioness wants him to be
And the rest of the time he's asleep in the grass
Our society disdains such disunity Each of us carries
a fair share load While our mandibled soldiers protect
the community Engineers and laborers create apartments

and roads And how undignified the lion's table manners
We consider them  quite a disgrace For if he were vegetarian
like all of us He wouldn't need his cubs to lick his face So next time you vote for our continent's royalty Think small and many not fierce and big For a labor-based peaceful sovereignty Is much better than a blowhard in a fancy wig.



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