Same Stuff, So What's the Difference?   

      In science, you can go one step further and say which chemicals water, protein and fat are made of.  There are four main ones.  If you know the chemical symbol for water, H2O, then you know two of these: hydrogen and oxygen.  Another chemical in these foods is one that scientists sometimes call "the life-giving chemical," since it is the basis for all living organisms: this wonder chemical is carbon (which, by the way, is  found in many non-living things as well, such as diamonds, pencil lead, coal and air).  The fourth mystery chemical is found in all proteins and in the air.  In fact, it just happens to be our atmosphere's number one chemical (in quantity, that is).  It's, drumroll please.... nitrogen.  Tah-dah!

      So, what scientific conclusion about termites and cheeseburgers can be drawn from all of this?  It's elementary, my dear: they are the same and they are different at the same time.



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