Safari! Animal #8 - I lounge by day and stalk by night: the leopard.

Chui in Swahili means leopard. Leopards are solitary and mostly nocturnal hunters. They are smaller than lions and larger than cheetahs and much more rarely seen than either. Like some other predators and all scavengers, they have a great tolerance for the smell of rotting flesh and for flies. They often drag the carcass of a kill up into the wide branches of a sturdy tree. There, out of the reach of hyenas and other savanna thieves, they can take their time eating and sometimes return to their makeshift pantry for meals on two or three successive days. Often they even sleep in the same tree with their kill. Leopards prefer large game, but they actually have a varied diet, sometimes eating such things as insects, frogs, fish, birds, hyenas, dogs and baboons.

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