Safari! Animal #20 - My mother always told me, it's polite to smile at your dinner guests: the crocodile.

Mamba in Swahili means crocodile. The crocodile, from its perspective anyway, is living proof that good things come to those who smile. And it never even has to brush. It would take a lot of Colgate anyway - and the croc seems to do just fine with chomping instead. Granted, he has great teeth, but somebody really ought to tell the ol' chap that all those animals are going to the water hole to wet their whistles - not to look at his pearly, pointed and perfect 'jewels.'

If you think about it, the crocodile is a rather wily beast. Other predators chase after their prey all day long while the croc just waits for his to come right to him. Maybe it's because the crocodile thought of the idea first. They have lived on the earth far longer than most other large predators. I wouldn't challenge the crocodile for its prime real estate if I were another predator - would you? About the only other animal that can feel safe in its presence is just about the only one the croc can't get its teeth around - the hippo.

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