Safari! Animal #16 - Now why would anyone consider labeling me with such an ugly name: the warthog.

Ngiri in Swahili means warthog. It's not difficult to see why warthogs are called warthogs. They look like big pigs with big warts all over their faces. Behind their unappealing countenances, however, they're really kind of cute! They are shy and nervous animals. Before a family outing, they poke their heads out of their burrows and scan the neighborhood for predators. If the coast is clear, they lead their whole litter - train-fashion - out for some shoveling. They use their tusks and snouts to dig up a variety of underground goodies - especially roots, bulbs and tubers - and they usually kneel down to eat. When a predator comes near, they display their well-rounded hams and point their normally curled tails straight up in the air as they scamper for the safety of their subterranean dens.

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