Safari! Animal #13 - Oh, we're just a-trying to avoid that ol' lion: wildebeests.

Nyumbu in Swahili means wildebeest. What exactly was the recipe that resulted in the oddball wildebeest? A buffalo's horns, a cow's tail, a goat's beard, a horse's legs, a sheep's blat and a pig's grunt; a hyena's uneven gait and a lemming's craze for the mad rush of migration. Actually, the wildebeest belongs to the antelope clan; it just trots on the opposite end of the graceful scale as, say, gazelles.

Like most other antelopes, wildebeests stick to the grasslands for the grass. They are famous for their frenzied migrations to greener pastures which result in many herd members being trampled, drowned and left for easy pickings for the animals of the grassland that don't eat grass.

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