Safari! Animal #12 - Better not try to get any milk from me, buster!: the water buffalo.

Nyati in Swahili means water buffalo. Like the other large animals of the savanna, leave alone the cats, water buffaloes are vegetarians. While they prefer to graze on grass, like white rhinos, they will eat leaves and twigs, like black rhinos, in times of drought. Since they need to drink daily, they generally stay near water and occasionally swim to greener pastures. Sometimes they get caught in the jaws of a large crocodile, but their main threat are lions. Since bull buffaloes are a fearsome combination of heft and feistiness, though, lions generally go after the youngest and the oldest members of the herd. And, since the adult bulls usually keep to themselves or form small bachelor herds, they often are not around to protect the large herds of cows and calves when the lions do attack.

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